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Recover Faster with Innovative Stem Cell and PRP Therapy

Total Health and Rehab strives to remain on the innovative edge when it comes to practicing modern medicine. Our Boca Raton facility includes many modern medical procedures, including stem cell therapy and platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP) to aid patients suffering from painful or injured joints, back and neck injuries, injured muscles, tendons and arthritic joints, and even hair loss disorders.

PRP and Stem Cell Therapy are fully covered by your HSA (Health Savings Account) and FSA (Flexible Saving’s Account).

Please contact our office today to speak with a member of our staff about scheduling a consultation to learn more about these remarkable procedures.

Is PRP or Stem Cell Therapy Right for You?

PRP therapy allows healing to occur in your body via injected platelets that release chemotactic factors that attract stem cells to the injured area. Stem Cell Therapy directly places stem cells from your body into the injured area which start the repair process. Depending on the significance of your injury, we will recommend either procedure and begin your healing process.

At Total Health & Rehab we use Emcyte PRP Kits, which are the most advanced and safest platelet rich plasma extraction to application kits available.

Our team at Total Health & Rehab is happy to assist you in questions you may have over stem cell and PRP therapy.


What is PRP Therapy?

PRP contains the healing agents found in trace amounts in your blood. They act as markers to help stimulate healing and regenerative properties that your body naturally houses but loses the ability to enact as we age. PRP Therapy procedures involve drawing blood from a patient and spinning it down in centrifuge designed to remove all the red blood cells and harbor just the healing PRP is left behind. This is then injected under ultrasound guidance into the injured areas to help regenerate and heal the area of concern. There is little risk, little to no down time, and no synthetic chemicals or major surgeries involved. PRP unleashes the POWER of YOUR Body’s NATURAL HEALING agents.

What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Our body houses cells that are designed to rebuild and become whatever the body needs them to be, but as we age, these cells become less and less prolific and are virtually non-existent even into our 50s. As our body tries to heal, it becomes more and more difficult as we age because of a lack of these essential stem cells. Stem cells can be found in the amniotic sac, in the umbilical cord blood, in bone marrow, and in some adipose tissue. The issue with harvesting stem cells from the patient directly, is that by time a patient needs stem cells, there are so few, that harvesting is often unsuccessful as there is not enough stem cells to be harvested from one area. Currently approved methods in the US points towards Umbilical Cord blood donor as being the most beneficial as the blood is rich in stem cells, agnostic (won’t be rejected by any blood type), and doesn’t contain impurities of other substances found in the amniotic sac.

In Stem Cell therapy, umbilical cord blood generated stem cells are injected under ultrasound guidance into the affected areas. Depending on the amount of areas, size, and severity of condition, a determined amount of Stem Cell is injected. Sometimes, Stem Cells are combined with PRP for heightened effects. Stem Cell Therapy is changing the options for treating degenerative conditions and changing the paradigm of replace to regenerate. Stem Cell Therapy can have positive effects in weeks, though maximal effects are over 8-18 months.

How often is PRP or Stem Cell Therapy Procedures done?

Many times, these are often just 1 time procedures, but in some instances, typically in very severe chronic conditions, there may need to be more than one procedure done in close proximity and then after many months later as a second or third push effort. During your examination, the practitioner will be better able to determine the likely amount of injections that are needed for your optimal healing.

Does my insurance pay for PRP or Stem Cell Therapy?

Even though PRP is much cheaper than surgery and months of failed therapy, most insurance companies are yet to reimburse for PRP. At this time PRP is an elective procedure that is self-financed, and we can help offer affordable monthly plans through our financing programs if needed.
How is Total Health & Rehab Medical Centers showing better success than others?
Our orthopedic packages help promote the greatest healing possible. We typically back our orthopedic and pain procedures with Shockwave Therapy, custom Physical Therapy programs led by our Doctor of Physical Therapy, and regular follow up by our medical team. All of our injections are done with Ultrasound guidance by practitioners certified in use of the ultrasound and certified in PRP and Stem Cell Therapy for optimal results.

What is Regen MedSpa?

Regen Medspa is an affiliate organization within Total Health and Rehab. Regen Medspa staff performs the Aesthetic and Male and Female (GU) Programs at our facility. These are usually performed on hours when Total Health and Rehab is typically closed to other patients for utmost privacy.

Who Performs these Procedures?

Our Nurse Practitioner has been practicing for over 20 years in the world of interventional pain management and other orthopedic settings. She has advanced training and certifications in ultrasound diagnostics and guidance and PRP and Stem Cell Procedures for orthopedics, aesthetics, and Male and Female GU issues.

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