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I am in my mid 50's, physically active, still working full-time. However, for quite some time I had suffered from numbness in leg muscles, an unconsciously uneven walking gait, interrupted sleep patterns, pain in my upper and lower back, reduced range of neck movement, even occasional bouts of blurred vision! I had resigned myself to the thought that was the 'just the way it is', and how I would be spending the rest of my life....until Total Health & Rehab Center was recommended to me! In just 12-16 weeks under Dr. Michael's personalized treatment and care, every uncomfortable and unhealthy pain symptom I had ever experienced for over two years has been grossly relieved! In addition, Dr. Michael carefully explained and educated me in the intricacies of how relieving subluxation of my back was related to other general health issue relief as well! I just returned from a California mountain area vacation where I hiked arduous, elevated trails with ease, a joy I had to abandon long before. All it took from me was a commitment to bring myself here faithfully, and follow up at home with simple, easy-to-do exercises designed to address my specific problem areas! And all without medication or the side effects they bring, which is an important part of the success of my chiropractic treatment! The maintenance treatments that now follow the therapy portion of my chiropractic program has proven to be a simple way to continue my new freedom of enjoying a much healthier in which I can move about easily, sleep uninterrupted by back or leg pain, resume vacation fun, and enjoy normal activities without stress or limitation or constant, nagging discomfort and pain.

I wanted to thank Dr. Michael, and give testimony to the wonderful success and relief I have realized under his care.

Linda Thompson

I could hardly walk when I first came here. It took a while but now the pain is going away. I was discouraged at times but I'm glad I stuck with it. And will stay with it so it does not come back. Thank you.

Jack Fetzer

Dr. Minett helped me after my car acciedent. Without his helping hands, I would be unable to walk around pain-free. He is very compassionate and understanding.

Harriet Zeikowitz

There is one thing better than having a chiropractor who is knowledgeable and efficient. That is someone who exhibits a genuine caring concern for his patients'.

J. Richman

I have had a pain in my left hip for over 35 years, mostly affecting me at night and for the past 15 years waking me during the night. (requiring me to get up and walk until it stopped so I could go back to sleep) After 2 treatments it has ceased, also a limp I have been developing has become minimal. I came to see Dr. Minett for headaches, and neck pain-which are improving. However, I never expected the results of his 'total care' I've received.

Nancy R. Marshall

I first came to the clinic with severe shoulder and neck aches. The doctor treated me with lots of attention, was flexible with my schedule and needs. He followed up, called me at home to see how I was feeling. Great clinic, excellent staff.

Lee Ditcher

My neck and back pain has greatly diminished. Thank You

Ina Klein

I came in wasn't able to walk, lay or sit without pain. I never thought I would ever get back to normal and with treatment without drugs. The pain went away. A totally natural way of attacking the pain.

Claudia Calder

I just got a pill box as a gift. I filled it with Advil and after 3 visits to Dr. Mike, I have not even opened the box. In the past, I took many each day.

Marla Birman

Today is my second visit with Dr. Mike, I was educated about my sciatica pain (pins and needles shooting down my left leg). This all happened due to injury to my back about six years ago, when I tried to assist a patient who needed help getting up. After the first treatment, I had some improvement. I was told by my friends and family not to see a chiropractor. I decided to check the treatment for myself. You see, we must be open-minded to any professional treatment. I believe in the "will" to be well and it is important to have a positive attitude in life. Dr. Mike and his staff are warm and that is certainly some contribution to being happy while still in pain, but knowing you will get better. I intend to follow instructions and stay with the program as long as necessary. Thanks, Dr. Mike, keep up the good work and continue to educate and treat your patients. I will always remember what you have taught me and I will tell others about the care and help in chiropractic therapy.

Sylvanie Louden

Total Health & Rehab Center is 2nd to none. I have been to a few chiropractors for back-related issues. I can tell you that Dr. Mike Minett is the best. Every time I go to him, I leave his office feeling better. Don't waste your time with any other chiropractors in Boca.

Adam Harmelin

Not only are the people here the sweetest, their methods of care are absolutely astounding. I have been suffering with a muscle spasm problem for 1.5 years, and I finally found this place just a short few months ago. And in this span of time they have improved my back pain like no other place has come close to doing, and I believe this is the place to eventually bring me to 100%.

Elizabeth Caputo

great doctor and staff clean atmosphere !!! Knowledgeable and helpful

Katelyn Martin

Great service and they have always been able to improve my health. I have a herniated disc in my back and have re-injured it over the years and they always treated me with the utmost care and professionalism.

Zachary Davis

I had an amazing experience at Total Health & Rehab. The staff is so welcoming and sweet, with my busy schedule they were always able to fit me in, and after just the first visit I was feeling so much better. I recommend Dr.Minett to all of my family and friends.

Diana Tejeda
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