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Contact us today for a complimentary consult with the doctor. If we cannot help you, we’ll tell you who can.

Pain, Injuries & Ailments We Treat in Boca Raton

Your One Stop for Pain and Injury Treatment

At Total Health and Rehab in Boca Raton, our experienced team specializes in outstanding medical care, chiropractic care, physical therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, and more to heal your pain and/or injuries. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your health goals. Our professionals combine skill and expertise that spans the entire healthcare spectrum to heal a multitude of issues that cause pain or resulted in an injury.

car accident pain specialist in boca raton

Conditions We Treat

Our  therapy team uses a multidisciplinary approach (healthcare professionals from different specialties) in helping you achieve your health goals. The most common health issues we treat include:

From auto accident injuries to herniated discs, from pediatrics to geriatrics, the seasoned team at Total Health and Rehab Center are committed to making you feel great, bringing you better health, and improving your life by utilizing the latest technology and procedures.

How We Approach Treatment

Our experienced team at Total Health and Rehab in Boca Raton works together to help you feel better fast. We focus on the cause of your pain or injury and emphasize the latest treatment methods to heal you as fast as possible. We use a combination of conventional medical care and holistic medical therapies to get the best results for you. Our treatments include


Diagnostic testing

Corrective exercises

Spinal and postural screenings

Pain management injections

Trigger point injections

Joint injections

Cortisone injections

Chiropractic care

Physical therapy

Massage therapy


Lifestyle advice

Laser therapy


Anti-inflammatory medication

Patient Testimonials


Call our office or fill out the form to schedule an appointment, you will not be disappointed. You won’t even feel like your in a doctors office! Satisfaction with your clinical results is our top priority! Experience the difference in healthcare you’ve been looking for. We are in-network with most major health insurance plans including Medicare.


8903 Glades Road, Suite A11,
Boca Raton, FL 33434


(561) 482-7575

It’s Your Life

Live It In Total Health!