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dr lina peterson boca raton physical therapist

Dr. Lina Peterson, PT-DPT

Bilingual Physical Therapist

Over 20 Years Experience in Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation
Fluent in English & Spanish

Dr. Peterson is a highly qualified bilingual (English-Spanish) Physical Therapist born in Colombia, where she obtained her Bachelor’s degree from the Autonoma University in 1998. She pursued the pinnacle of her professional studies in the United States at Shenandoah University, Virginia in 2012. 


Dr. Peterson’s 20 years of experience in physical therapy and rehabilitation were well rounded by 15 years of practice as Chief PT Executive in direct collaboration with Orthopedic Surgeons, sports rehab teams, clinical instruction, geriatrics, and administrative leadership skills sharpened at Harvard University in 2016.

She culminated the Advanced Orthopaedics Evidence-Based program along with Clinical Instructor Certification with the APTA (American Physical Therapy Association), and successfully accomplished a Master Certification in Manual Therapy (MCMT) in São Paulo- Brazil to further optimize the functional recovery of her patients. Furthermore, she diversified her professional portfolio by obtaining a Certification in Lymphedema.

Dr. Peterson has a strong multicultural and contemporary foundation in the treatment of musculo-skeletal functional disabilities, fall prevention program, work hardening and conditioning from her active participation in the World Congress of  Physical Therapy (WCPT) in the Netherlands on 2011, Singapore on 2015, and Cape Town (South Africa) on 2017. 

healthcare from the trenches book

Dr. Peterson followed a Trac I certification of Suspension Rehab / Neurac  in 2019 whose main focus is on changing the way the brain and muscles communicate for an effective balance response. 


In early 2020, Dr. Peterson was a contributor to the book “Healthcare from the Trenches from one of the most prestigious Orthopaedic surgeons in Miami listed in Amazon as a reference to the public due to the collaboration not only from the healthcare practitioners; but from government affairs personalities. This relationship was enhanced by live internship participation, updates of Orthopaedic Surgeries approaches of elective and traumatic occurrences. 

As a volleyball player, she found a passion for fitness and healthy movement to develop and implement eclectic customized balance, speed, and agility programs for individuals to enhance their wellness. 

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